Chapter 3 of The Well-Adjusted Child, The Social Benefits of Homeschooling: What is Good Socialization, Anyway?

Gathercole begins by stating that there is no argument on whether socialization is important or not, but that the there is an argument on the way to socialize children. Her beginning argument states that human beings are born social, that we are naturally a social species. She continues by saying the intricacies of social skills and constructs are taught in the home by one’s parents and siblings, so additional time spent with family can be only helpful to a growing child. Gathercole has more accounts from actual children in this chapter than in previous ones and she uses them to point out that homeschool children actually have more time to socialize than conventionally schooled children as they go through their school work more quickly and have no homework.  Gathercole points out that schools are artificial models of adult life where as homeschooled children are immersed in community and family based existences out in the “real world” constantly.

While I don’t believe that schools are completely artificial, it is strange that we are supposed to be taught democracy and the beauty of it, the importance of it, and we are supposed to be taught pride in our country’s accomplishments in civil rights all in a system where we are not  under a democracy and where when we enter the premises of this system we actually lose those rights that we learn about in history class every odd day.

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