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Soapstone of At the Age of Peekaboo, in Therapy to Fight Autism by April Dembosky

At the Age of Peekaboo, in Therapy to Fight Autism, an article in the New York Times written by April Dembosky, explains a new study by a network of scientists across North America to look for signs of autism as early as 6 months (now it is only reliably diagnosed at two years.) The author explains the study through the experience of a family that is part of it. The family, the Aguilars, first son, Diego was diagnosed with autism at age two and since then, they have been greatly involved in his therapy. Mrs. Aguilar has especially aided research by donating biological samples and agreeing to keep journals of what she ate and what came in contact with her during her second pregnancy. Now, their second son, Emilio is 7 months old and is part of the study.

Subject: The subject of the article is the study and it is explained through the Aguilar’s experience.

Occasion: The occasion is the event of the study and its relevance to the Aguilars.

Audience: The story is aimed towards a reader who is interested in the fact of the study and the happenings of it. The author describes what happens in the therapy sessions as well as what their purpose is.

Speaker: The author incorporates observation into her writing and appeals to human interest by focusing on the family.

Tone: The tone is hopeful, though it does seem less hopeful towards the end when she explains the flaw to the study.