Soapstone of World War II Memories, and an Instant Connection by Corey Kilgannon

This article, World War II Memories, and an Instant Connection, by Corey Kilgannon of The New York Times focuses on two World War II veterans who met for the first time at a hospital before each was going to have open-heart surgery. The war veterans, Benjamin Klein and Victor Allegretti, after speaking with each other, discovered that they were both in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United Sataes Army, and both rode gliders into Normandy on D-Day mere hours apart. They marveled at their bond in to the night before their surgeries.

Subject: The article describes the encounter of the war veterans before going in to detail about their landings on Normandy and ending on the comments of the Klien, that he was not afraid of anything after coming out of World War II, and the surgeon, that these feelings were the same for every veteran of the war that he had met.

Occasion: The occasion is the rarity of meeting a veteran of  World War II, much less having two meet each other by chance.

Audience: The story is aimed at anyone interested in World War II, especially due to its focus on the events of D-Day.

Purpose: The purpose of the article is to describe the events of the meeting of Klein and Allegretti and describe their actions on D-Day.

Speaker: Kilgannon seems to have either been a World War II buff himself, or put a lot of research into this piece. His writing is very detailed.

Tone: The article is descriptive and memory driven.

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